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First of all, apologies for not posting a blog for the last two days. We had a very bad internet connection in our hotel in Amsterdam. So this post will be a summary of the past three days. Day 11: I mentioned we have been to Amsterdam before but since we only were here for […]

At 6:13 this morning we kicked off the second part of our Interrail: 3 days in Amsterdam, 1 day in Hamburg and 1 day in Graz. Sarah still isn’t so well but nevertheless decided to join me. Packing for the last week of our trip was quite different compared to 3 weeks ago. This time, […]

Unfortunately, Sarah feels worse today, much worse. We had to reconsider our plan since we would have continued our trip to Belfast tomorrow and Sarah definitely is not in shape for more travel days at this point. Tomorrow at 11:45 we will fly from Dublin back to Switzerland. We are very sad that we are […]

Well, we don’t have much of a story to tell today… We decided not to set an alarm for today since yesterday was really tough and we were completely exhausted. So we got up at about 10:00. Unfortunately, Sarah got quite sick overnight. She didn’t feel well at all this morning so we thought it might […]

Well, the title says it all. Today was a travel day, therefore this blog won’t be so long: At 07:21 our train left Cardiff. It stopped at 31 stations on its 5-hour route to Holyhead. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a single train that stopped that much. It was a beautiful trip through the beautiful countryside. We […]

After getting up at 08:00 we made ourselves a full English breakfast. (Not really. It actually only was fried tomatoes, hash browns, and crumpets.) We still were quite tired from our trip yesterday and even more by the thoughts of the upcoming route to Dublin tomorrow: 5h train to Holyhead then a 3h ferry to the Irish capital […]

It’s a pity we only had a couple of hours in Brighton. Since we didn’t really get to know the city yesterday we got up at 07:00 today to take a brief walk alongside the shore before breakfast. We had breakfast included in our stay so after our walk, we returned to the hotel. We also then […]

We didn’t get up that early today. Since we packed most of our things yesterday already, we just had to clean up the studio a little before we left. It had rained even more in the night. And since there had already been some warnings of the metro shutting down due to the high water […]

The anticipation of our visit to the Chateau de Versailles was big! We got up early, had breakfast, showered and left our studio to catch the RER C train from Saint Michel to Versailles at 10:12. We rushed, as we were a little late. But as we got there, the station was closed ‘due to […]