Interrail 2018 Day 11, 12 and 13: Amsterdam

First of all, apologies for not posting a blog for the last two days. We had a very bad internet connection in our hotel in Amsterdam. So this post will be a summary of the past three days.

Day 11:

I mentioned we have been to Amsterdam before but since we only were here for a weekend we didn’t see that much. So the day before yesterday we planned to take a very long walk through the city.

From our hotel, we walked north towards the train station. We did quite some shopping, visited the tulips market and at lunchtime, ate in an Italian restaurant.
After lunch, we walked on and accidentally landed in the red light district of the city. To our astonishment, the area was actually pretty nice but nevertheless decided to walk back to the center.

That was pretty much our day, just walking around and getting to see more of Amsterdam. For dinner, we went to our Bazar restaurant again.

Day 12:

Yesterday we went to the Rijksmuseum, a Dutch national museum dedicated to art and history. We have visited it last time already and enjoyed it so much that we decided to go there again. We skipped breakfast (we were still full of the dinner we had at the Bazar), and headed to the museum first thing in the morning. There already were a lot of people. Many Italians and French but also a ton of Dutch school classes.

In the museum, there is a small restaurant, where we had lunch. Sarah had a tomato soup and I had a beef stew. It was delicious and while we were eating we thought that up to now we had never been disappointed by the food in any restaurant in Amsterdam.
However, our lunch was very expensive.

At about 14:00 we left the museum and walked to the city center again. Sarah had seen a dress in Urban Outfitters yesterday and really wanted to get it. We walked the same route as yesterday and again did some shopping.

And for the third time during our visit in Amsterdam, we went to the Bazar for dinner.

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Day 13:
Today we got up early, packed and checked out first thing in the morning. We left our suitcases at the hotel and walked to a place we have been to last time already. Its called the ‘Corner Bakery’, a very small and cute cafe with delicious breakfast. I had an egg benedict and Sarah had a smoothie bowl.

Unfortunately, today was our last day in Amsterdam. We would have loved to stay longer. Especially since today, there were very fewer people in the streets. But our hotel in Hamburg is already booked. We did look forward to that as well though.

So after breakfast, we walked to a supermarket to get some snacks for our 5 hours train ride to Germany.  We returned to our hotel, got our suitcases and took a taxi to the train station. It took much longer to get to the train station than we expected, but we got there on time and at 13:00 our IC left Amsterdam Central for Osnabrück, where we changed to a train to Hamburg.

We arrived at about 18.30. Our hotel is right at the train station, so we got out of the train and were in our hotel room 10 minutes later.

The hotel is a huge upgrade from the one in Amsterdam. It is nice and big and clean. It is a little noisy though since it is located on a very busy road.

After a brief rest, we left the hotel to get dinner. We went to a big mall with a food court. There was a vegan place that sold burgers and fries. We each had a burger, fries and veggie nuggets, twice. We decided to definitively come here for breakfast tomorrow since there are a lot of small places in this food area with delicious looking food.
We arrived back at our hotel and went to bed immediately


5 thoughts on “Interrail 2018 Day 11, 12 and 13: Amsterdam

  1. What is the story of the ducks in your photos?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We spotted a rubberduck store and had to go and have a closer look 😀


  2. Thanks for the post – Amsterdam is now definitely on my list of cities to visit as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amsterdam is such a beautiful city! We didn’t get chance to visit on our Interrail trip but went for a weekend away and really enjoyed it too! Lovely post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It really is a wonderfull city! I definitively plan to go there again sometime!

      Liked by 1 person

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