Interrail 2018 Day 10: Back on track

At 6:13 this morning we kicked off the second part of our Interrail: 3 days in Amsterdam, 1 day in Hamburg and 1 day in Graz. Sarah still isn’t so well but nevertheless decided to join me.

Packing for the last week of our trip was quite different compared to 3 weeks ago. This time, we each brought a suitcase instead of the highly inconvenient backpack. We didn’t pack any food, as from now on we will only stay in hotels and we will eat out every morning and evening.

The ICE from Basel took us to Frankfurt, where we had a 15 minutes overlay and then took another one to Amsterdam.  We arrived at Amsterdam Central at 13:45.

Our hotel, Mozart Hotel, was only a 15 minutes tram ride away from the train station, and therefore was quite easy to get to. We checked in but didn’t stay long. We had planned to go to the Heineken experience. So we left our hotel again and walked towards the museum.

Sarah and I have been to Amsterdam before and we loved it. As we walked through the city and along the canals today, we immediately fell in love with the city again. We noticed it had quite a lot of people. More than last time we were here in March 2017.


As we arrived the museum we saw people queuing outside to get in. We weren’t really in the mood to queue with them so we instead decided to get an early dinner. We headed towards the Bazar restaurant. An oriental restaurant we discovered last time and absolutely loved. And we didn’t get disappointed this time.  We had a soup and a huge shared main course. We even booked a table here for tomorrow already.

After lunch/dinner, we walked through a small market and then back to the hotel. We are both very tired so I guess we^ll call it a day.


1 thought on “Interrail 2018 Day 10: Back on track

  1. Glad that you are back on track and in Amsterdam you both like so much. What does Dutch sound like to your ears?


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