Interrail 2018 Day 9: Very sad news…

Unfortunately, Sarah feels worse today, much worse. We had to reconsider our plan since we would have continued our trip to Belfast tomorrow and Sarah definitely is not in shape for more travel days at this point.

Tomorrow at 11:45 we will fly from Dublin back to Switzerland. We are very sad that we are not able to continue our journey, but there is no way of doing that as things are now…

BUT: Since our Interrail ticket still is valid, we will take up our trip again on the 17th of February. We will then go to Amsterdam from Basel by train and continue the last part of our planned trip.


4 thoughts on “Interrail 2018 Day 9: Very sad news…

  1. Lieber Marcello guter entscheid das dir in diesem zustand wieder zurückgekommen sind Sarah wird sich schneller wieder erholen und es geht ja wieder weiter in ein paar tagen kopf hoch es wird alles wieder gut
    dein gross götti


  2. So so jammer julle twee, maar gelukkig is julle nog albei baie jonk en lê daar nog baie tyd vir reis oor. Sterkte aan Sarah, hoop sy voel gou beter. Liefde ouma


  3. This must be a huge disappointment to both of you. But it is in the nature of travel, as in life, that adjustments must be made. Sad as this is, you are both safe. And you will find ways to visit the Isles again.


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