Interrail 2018 Day 8: Nothing special…

Well, we don’t have much of a story to tell today…

We decided not to set an alarm for today since yesterday was really tough and we were completely exhausted. So we got up at about 10:00. Unfortunately, Sarah got quite sick overnight. She didn’t feel well at all this morning so we thought it might be best if she stayed in bed all day. I quickly rushed out to the nearby pharmacy and got her a cough syrup and some water and fruit from Tesco.

At about 13:00 I took a walk through the center of the city and I must admit, Dublin will most probably not become my favorite city. Even though it was a Thursday afternoon the pedestrian area was crowded. It also seemed to be quite dirty.

So I didn’t stay outside for too long. I got back at about 15:00 and we continued a series we started watching in Paris called “Suits”. And that basically was our day. We really hope Sarah gets better soon as on Saturday we’re heading to Belfast already.

The inn we’re staying in, by the way, is quite a disappointment. Our room is very small (there hardly is any place to put our backpacks) and it by far isn’t as clean as a hotel room should be. It looked very different on the pictures we saw when we booked this place. The location, however, is quite good though. It’s in the heart of Dublin and everything is within walking distance.


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