Interrail 2018 Day 7: 10 hours to Dublin…

Well, the title says it all. Today was a travel day, therefore this blog won’t be so long:

At 07:21 our train left Cardiff. It stopped at 31 stations on its 5-hour route to Holyhead. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a single train that stopped that much. It was a beautiful trip through the beautiful countryside.

We knew we wouldn’t have time for breakfast before leaving the apartment so we bought some scones yesterday and ate them on the train. At 12.25 we arrived in Holyhead. We assumed we had to walk to the harbor, but luckily the check-in to the ferries was built into the train station, and a bus took us right into the ferry. So it was very convenient and easy after all.

The trip on the ferry was quite relaxing and pleasant. There were very few people and we enjoyed the ‚change of pace’… at first.

The ferry should have landed at Dublin harbor at 17:30. But about an hour before that we noticed the ferry moving at a much slower pace. Shortly after, the captain announced a technical issue and the estimated time of arrival: 19:00. We then actually arrived at 19:45.

So I have to correct my title. It took us 12 hours to get to Dublin and about 13 to get to our hotel.

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6 Antworten auf „Interrail 2018 Day 7: 10 hours to Dublin…

  1. Ek geniet jou toer (en skryfstyl) geweldig baie en is bly dat julle so ʼn lekker toer op julle jeugdige ouderdom kan doen. Ek sien uit na die volgende episode!

    Gefällt mir

  2. Marcello dit lyk of julle ’n fantastiese tyd het. Jou lopende kommentaar is so interessant en ek geniet dit verskriklik baie. Jou Engels is uitstaande!! Baie liefde, ouma. Jou ma sê ek moet vir jou ’n drukkie van haar stuur.

    Gefällt 1 Person

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