Interrail 2018 Day 6: A day in Cardiff

After getting up at 08:00 we made ourselves a full English breakfast. (Not really. It actually only was fried tomatoes, hash browns, and crumpets.) We still were quite tired from our trip yesterday and even more by the thoughts of the upcoming route to Dublin tomorrow: 5h train to Holyhead then a 3h ferry to the Irish capital and then probably a 30 minutes bus to our Inn.

Nevertheless, we left our apartment shortly after breakfast. We took a walk through the city center of Cardiff and to a huge park. There weren’t a lot of people in the park so we decided to fly the drone. We found a suitable spot but then remembered that we have forgotten the SD card. Luckily, we had our GoPro with an SD card in it with us so we took it out and put it into the Mavic Pro.
But two minutes into our flight, the card was full since we have already filmed quite a lot with the GoPro. So we packed up the drone again and continued our walk.

At that time it was noon and it became warmer and we still had our big winter shoes and our thermal underwear on, since it was below 0 degrees Celsius in the morning. We returned to our Airbnb and changed and at the same time packed some SD cards.


Sarah had found a vegan restaurant in Cardiff called Anna Loka so we planned to have a late lunch / early dinner there. It turned out to be quite a long walk to get there but we enjoyed to see more of Cardiff, as we walked through residential areas and streets where tourists probably don’t go usually. The food at the restaurant was delicious. Sarah had a hot dog and I went for a burger. To top that we had a slice of vegan chocolate cake. We then walked all the way back to the park where we were in the morning and flew the drone again.


We got back to our apartment early and started packing again. Tomorrow we will leave Cardiff on the 07:21 train to Holyhead.


1 thought on “Interrail 2018 Day 6: A day in Cardiff

  1. Sounds really great, have fun and a good trip to Dublin.

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