Interrail 2018 Day 4: Bye bye Paris

We didn’t get up that early today. Since we packed most of our things yesterday already, we just had to clean up the studio a little before we left.

It had rained even more in the night. And since there had already been some warnings of the metro shutting down due to the high water we were a little concerned. But luckily they were still running and we could get to the Gare de l’Est without any problems. From there we walked to the Gare du Nord. (The metro directly to the Gare du Nord was actually not running)

Fortunately, we left early enough and were at the station at about 11.30. We noticed that we do have to go through a check-in to get to the Eurostar, which we didn’t know before. That took us about another hour. It was comparable to a gate in an airport. After check-in and security checks all the passengers waited to board the train. There were so many people with so many suitcases and backpacks. We wondered how all these people and their luggage would fit on the train.

But to our astonishment, everything went fine and the train ride to London St. Pancras was quite pleasant. We even got free food and drinks!

As we arrived at St. Pancras station we transferred to the Themselink to Three Bridges. From there we had to take the bus since the train traks to Brighton were under renorvation. That took very long. We arrived at our Hotel in Brighton at about 6 o’clock and were exhausted.

The hotel we’re staying in is very cute and we can only recommend it! It is located right at the Brighton Pier by the sea. The rooms are very small but it’s totally sufficient for one night.  And for the package, we paid a very reasonable price (60£). It is called Atlantic Seafront.  IMG-20180128-WA0006

After checking-in and organizing our stuff in our room, we went back out and for the first time on our trip, had dinner in a restaurant. It was delicious!

And after that exhausting and stressful day, we fully deserved our dinner, even though it did cost us more than the stay in the hotel.



4 thoughts on “Interrail 2018 Day 4: Bye bye Paris

  1. Agree – your photos are amazing ! Luckily you planned sufficient time 🙂
    Was it easy to find a restaurant close by that also serve vegan meals?

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    1. Thanks 🙂 we didn’t look too fas as we were very tired so we just went to an italian restaurant. They had a delicios vegan lentil and mushroom pasta…and mojito 🙂


  2. …Impressive photos!

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