Interrail 2018 Day 2: Sightrseeing in Paris

Our first day in Paris started at 09:00. We got up, made breakfast and planned our route through the city. The idea was to visit as many sights as possible in one day, by foot.

The first place of interest was the Notre Dame on the Ile de la Cité, a 15 minutes’ walk from our place. While we were there I remembered the last time I have been to Paris. The streets were crowded and there were so many tourists. Now, since it is January and out of holiday time, it is much more pleasant.

We continued our route along the other side of the Saine until we got to the musée du Louvre. We didn’t go in though. Even at this time of the year, people were queuing to the outside to visit the museum. We took some pictures and then walked through the nice park towards the Champs Élisées. The avenue wasn’t that special. It was very noisy and most of the shops were not in our budget anyway. So we actually just walked straight through until we came to the Arc de Triomphe, the biggest, messiest and most chaotic roundabout we have ever seen. The Arc is pretty impressive though.

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Next stop was the Eiffel Tower. On our way there we found a small restaurant where we each grabbed a vegan sandwich and a glass of water, exactly what we needed at that time.
As we got to the tower we noticed the rising number of police and military forces. Also, the whole tower was surrounded by a tall gray fence, which could only be passed through a security check. We decided not to go through since there already were a bunch of people queuing.
We had to walk around a big part of the park to get to the other side of the tower to take some pictures.

After sitting on a bench and relaxing for a while we walked back to our studio, which took us about an hour. We had a short rest and recovered from our 16 km walk.

The last sight we wanted to visit was the Panthéon. It is just a short 5 minutes’ walk to get there. We didn’t stay long but it was fascinating to still see some Christmas decorations in January.

After dinner we planned our day for tomorrow: We’re going to Versailles!


3 thoughts on “Interrail 2018 Day 2: Sightrseeing in Paris

  1. What’s the food like? Any suggestions for vegans and vegetarians in Paris?


    1. Not really… it’s a tough place for vegans with all the kebab an crèpes around 🙂 we couldn’t find a all vegan or vegetarian restaurant but we also didn’t look too far since we tried to cook in our Airbnb most of the time.


  2. Amazed at how much energy the 2 of you have 🙂 enjoy and take care !

    Liked by 1 person

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