Interrail 2018 Day 1: Here we go!

My alarm clock was set for 08:00. Even though I started packing several days ago, I wasn’t done yet. I got my last t-shirts from the dryer and put them in my travel backpack. Did I say we wouldn’t struggle with storage space? Well, the backpacks, despite having 90 liters of capacity, are not as spacious as you might think. We made it but had to sacrifice the tripod though. At 09:00, Sarah had her last exam at the university for this semester. She then joined me for lunch.

A bowl of spaghetti later we doublechecked our backpacks, wallets and tried to think about things we might have forgotten.

Each of us loaded with a 16 kg backpack, we made our way to the Basel train station. I stuffed quite a lot into the smaller, detachable backpack so that I couldn’t zip it to the big one anymore. I had to carry it in a shopping bag, alongside with my sweater. I was concerned about people stealing my backpack on the train since we had to store the big ones in the luggage racks by the doors. So, I packed my laptop, tablet, drone, hard drive, sunglasses and quite a lot more in the small one to bring it along to our seats.

Our train from Basel left at 13:41 and took us to Strasbourg, where we had a one-hour overlay. The journey to Paris in the TGV was a very easy and quick one. The non-stop train arrived at the Gare de l’Est at about 17:30. We then took the metro to Jussieu from where it was a 15 minutes’ walk to our Airbnb.

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The studio we booked is very small, to say the least. It is very cute though. I am not a France expert, but the place looks very typical French to me.

We settled down for a moment and then headed back outside to a supermarket we passed on our way to the studio. We just bought some vegetables and a baguette for breakfast. Since we both were very exhausted we returned to our studio and cooked dinner. We fried the vegetables and mixed them with the rice we brought from home.

So we did not see that much of Paris today, but we will surely change that tomorrow!




3 thoughts on “Interrail 2018 Day 1: Here we go!

  1. …alors, il ne restait que de vous souhaiter “bon app!” 😉


  2. Wow, how exciting – you’ve been looking forward to this so long ! Hope you enjoy every moment of it!


    1. (Didn’t mean to comment anonymously _ love mam xx)


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